Friday, July 24, 2009

Jonas' Big Boy room inspiration board

Idea board for Jonas' Big Boy room: Still collecting ideas!

First - Some ideas from a room found on Apartment Therapy:

This goes along with antique bed frame we picked up at a garage sale for $5! Still needs a frame, but it will do!
Find some inspiring artwork - maybe from an old storybook.

Storage & Mobiles!

Then some great finds on Etsy:

Stores I love: boygirlparty by Susie Ghrahremani

Her prints are just perfect. Whimsical, but rooted. Jonas loves music & animals & being outdoors. I think he'd like these as much as I do. Then again, he also loves cars, trucks & robots, so we'll see where all of that takes us. :)

Here's some artwork from Guardian of the Night's Etsy Shop:

That's about it for now....more to come later!

Garage Sale Success....sort of

Well, after much stress...we finally got all of our possessions outside for a much-needed, much-anticipated, GARAGE SALE!

I wish I had a picture of it. So wonderful to get rid of so much STUFF!!!!

We had some wonderful friends who brought us some "big stuff" to sell, i/e tables & chairs, a headboard, double stroller, etc., and we advertised diligently on Craigslist. We were busy all morning, and opted to stay open until close to 3:30pm, because people kept coming. We also picked the most beautiful day. It's been over 100 deg. every day this month, but for some reason, a "cold" front came in that day, and we relished the 88 deg. high. Great weather for our shoppers.

We were preparing to close up shop when, we noticed a strange puddle of water snaking it's way through our garage sale, and down to the driveway. We watched with horror as it grew, and realized that our water heater was suddenly...leaking. This was particularly strange, because we had had absolutely no trouble with it at all, the entire 4 years we've lived here.

Ironically (or not, depending on how you look at it) we made roughly $20 less than we had to pay for our brand new water heater. Thankfully Clint was able to stifle the leak until Monday, and temporarily patch us up so that we still had hot water and A/C through the rest of the weekend, allowing us t skip the $158/hour plumbing fee.

Now, thanks to his ability to do pretty much anything he puts his mind to, the leak behind our bathroom toilet is fixed, our sink is no longer dripping & we have a brand new water heater up and running. I have an amazing husband. ;)

In the end, the sale ended up providing the exact amount we needed to repair our water heater (Thanks God!) and we sent 20 trash bags, 6 boxes, a TV & filing cabinet to Salvation Army. We've lost approximately 2 tons of weight from our house & are still in the mood to trim down.

Thanks friends for your tips & support. Thanks Sarah for helping man the garage sale.

This feels so good & we're excited about simplifying our lives even more!