Friday, February 22, 2008

Play pumps & Sustainable giving!

Last night at our house church (Injera) we watched an interesting movie

Here is the video we watched:

The premise of the video was that there is a real problem in Africa's drinking water. There are very few uncontaminated sources and many people have to walk for hours carrying the water just to get it back to their homes. The video above demonstrates a new round-about (merry-go-round) play pump. It is designed so that children playing on the merry-go-round are actually pumping water from below the ground - which is then pumped out and collected. This takes the "work" out of a task that has to be done, and provides the community with safe drinking water.

After watching the video, I did some more searching online and found out that WE CAN SPONSOR OUR OWN PLAYPUMP!

Sponsor a PlayPump Water System
Start your own group to join together and sponsor a PlayPump Water System.

Setting up your own group is a great way to get your entire classroom, family, youth group, university or community involved! It’s easy to set up and it allows everyone to contribute to the goal of sponsoring a pump. Everyone can contribute, recruit more help and track your progress towards the goal! Get started! By signing up you get:

* Your own customizable "Sponsor a PlayPump" page
* See all donations to your group
* Download resources to help you spread your word

The cost of one play pump is $14,000. I believe that we really could do this. What would you all think about me signing Bridgeway up for one sponsorship & pooling our creative genius to figure out ways that we can raise money?

Would you be in?


The article we read and discussed by Robert D. Lupron really spoke to me as well. I really felt as though it was almost an answer to my previous post - how to make giving and going more personal and authentic. The article's purpose is to guide "would-be helpers" toward effective and sustainable giving. If you're up for a new challenge - check out the article Here.


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