Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clutter Patrol - Help!!!


I feel like I've got craft overload. I've been jumping from thread to thread joining crafting blog after blog....why you may ask? I am seriously wanting to make something.

What's keeping me from moving forward? Well....good question! I have too much stuff in my house as it is. Some of you may know that C and I have a serious problem with getting rid of stuff. We're gearing up for a garage sale, but really don't even know where to start. We're totally clueless, and it's so sad.

If you know much about garage sale-ing or even know how to eliminate extra clutter, or organize, I am desperately pleading for your help!!!!!

I hesitate to make anything new when we already have too many things as it is, but I desperately want to create!

Please help! ;)

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Lorie said...

I have a love of things which usually equates to too much stuff in my house.

Honestly, I don't think anyone can help you get rid of stuff, you just really have to be ready to do it.

If you don't use it and you don't LOVE it then it needs to go. Garage Sale if you have time, if not donate it. At least you will get a tax deduction. I know it is hard to give away things you think you want for free, but you will not miss them and you will LOVE your house without the stuff!

You will love your LIFE without the stuff!
Good luck!