Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Raining it's Pouring....

The old man is snoring. Seriously's pouring.

Every time we have a streak of thunderstorms I dredge through the water in my non-water-proof shoes thinking...I really need a pair of rain boots. They are so stinkin' cute anyway - so what's stopping me? (Besides the obvious fact that I'm not fond of spending large amounts of money on things I don't think I really need) or (besides the fact that I feel guilty almost every time I purchase something for myself).....nothing! after plodding through the puddles in my soaked shoes, I miraculously found myself at Academy - where rainboots are surprisingly reasonably priced. After some careful consideration and a Facebook pole - I ended up with a cute pair of leopard print boots - so excited!

I tried them out this evening & must admit - I waited far too long to make this purchase. If you are debating about getting yourself a pair - do it now! My feet are dry, happy & dressed up!

Just wanted to get that out!


sarah in the woods said...

I have been wanting some of these too. They're really cute.

Elisabeth said...

So cute!

Erin said...

cute! i have always wanted a pair of those and each time i am caught in the rain i think "what am i waiting for??"

to answer your question- a tutorial of sorts for the play kitchen can be found here: