Friday, May 21, 2010

Yeah! A Blog Award! Thanks!!

Thank You Brittney from Brittney's Budget Crafts for honoring me with a blog award!
If you haven't visited Brittney's blog before - you really really should! She has some GREAT ideas to share!! ;)

Rules of receiving this award:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! (in no particular order...)

4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Here we go:

7 things about Me..(This is not easy!)

1. I am a mom - with 2 little ones. As if that's not obvious by the themes for my crafts. ;) I have a 3 year old and and a 4 month old! They give me total joy & purpose....sometimes stress too...but they are AMAZING blessings. I thank God for them every day!

2. I wish I were more organized. My husband loves techy things & I love crafty things & between the two of us & our two kiddos, we keep a pretty crazy home. It's still a home - but I wish it were a completely organized place. I just don't quite know where to begin. I really need someone to help me know what to go ahead and get rid of! ;) Organization is a MAJOR goal of mine.

3. I'm just learning how to sew. I'm not very good yet, but I'm having a great time learning. My Nana is an amazing seamstress & I'm learning what I can from her. She & my mom have the ability to make anything imaginable & I hope to be able to be that way too!

4. I love traveling, visiting new places, new faces & new adventures. I am a pretty spontaneous person with very varied interests. I love exploring & have several places I'd love to visit...but I've lived in OK most of my life. ;)

5. I'm in school, studying Speech Language Pathology.  I have a tremendous desire to use my gifts to help people.  I am currently taking a little bit of time off for our newest addition & I'm very thankful for this time with my sweet kiddos.

6. I really enjoy creating new things. I find it very soothing to make something on my own & extremely rewarding to be able to share my creations with friends who appreciate them.

7. I really enjoy cooking fancy meals...but everyday dinner isn't my cup of tea.  I'm working on that though!!!

I'm supposed to pass this award on to 15 blogs that I found recently & enjoy. It was SO hard to pick 15 - I have so many that I love!  Here are a few of my recent finds (in no particular order) which I think you might enjoy checking out! 
Macey @ Macey's Daily Parade
Shelley@ House of Smiths
Bev @ @
Bec @
Sonia @Kosmic Chai
Ann @ makethebestofthings
Allison @ Design LIFE
Cole @ Letters From Coco
Dana @ Surviving 4 Kids
Suzanne@ Just Another Hang Up
Diane @ Perfectly Imperfect Life 
Morgan @ Mama Loves Papa
Amy @ Varnish Design
LeAna @ A Small Snippet of Our Lives
Bonus Blog Award! Stephanie @ Sabbe Spot

Why not? :)


CraftyKatt said...

Stopping by and saying hi :) It's always tricky to come up with 7 things to say :)

House of Smith's said...

Wow! Thanks so much! I'm totally honored! What fun to be able to read a little more about you!

Thanks so much for thinking of me! :)

Cole said...

you are so sweet. thank you. :) you have the cutest blog. love your list of 7 things.

Sonia said...

Whoa, that's just so generous of you! Thanks a lot for remembering me, that just makes my day!

Lorie said...

i always love reading these because I love seeing other peoples favorite blogs!

Congrats on the award!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for including me. I'm honored!

Amy @ Varnish said...

Mandy! You are so flippin nice to include Varnish in your list! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

Thanks Mandy! You are so sweet!

Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

Mandy, I'm late, but I'm finally getting back to thank you for including me in your blog list! It was a very nice surprise!