Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Meet Virginia - Blog Swap & Tutorial

Hey friends! As promised, beautiful & talented Morgan of Meet Virginia is here today sharing a fabulous tutorial.  I can't get over the colors & she used a duvet clever! Hop over to her site & take a look around when you get a chance. You'll find me there today too!

Hey Guys!
I'm Morgan!!!

A Little About Me:

~I LOVE to be creative in any shape or form! I started Meet Virginia as an outlet for being creative and to share ideas with everyone in the blogosphere!

{Plate Mural}

~I love fashion! I graduated from a Fashion Merchandising program in the fall and loved every minute of it!!

{Funky-O Scarf Tutorial HERE}

I also do a weekly posting called: Weekend Wear. It's fun, and full of great tips on current trends, and how to dress for your body type!

{Check out the latest Weekend Wear HERE}

~I am a TV fanatic! Some of my favorite shows are: Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Design Star, The Hills (it's the hubs and I's guilty pleasure!), and so on and so on! I also LOVE to crochet while I watch TV it's so relaxing to me!

{Crocheted Bib Necklace}
~I Love thrift shopping! Taking old things and revamping them is my favorite, and also saves money another one of my favorite things!!

{New Plaques with Personality!}

~I Love blogging and getting to meet new friends like Mandy!! Isn't she the best!

Today I have the EASIEST window treatment ever created....well don't quote me on that but its up there on the super easy scale!

The Before and After:


{Desperate need of an update right!


{I just adore the stripes! But the hubby on the other hand thought they looked like something that belonged in a pirate ship...? Compliment....I think not ;).}

Want to make some of your own?

Here is what you need:

~I used a duvet cover I bought at Ikea! I bought a full/queen but could have mos def gone with a twin!

~Seam Ripper
~Sewing Machine
~Measuring Tape

How it's done:

1. Remove duvet from plastic and measure both your window and your duvet cover.

2. Seam rip the seams throughout the duvet creating 2 separate panels.

3. Cut your newly made panels to the size determined in the previous step.

4. Sew up your raw edges and a loop for the rod of your curtain to slip through.

5. Slip your newly made curtain panels onto your rod to your liking.

6. Enjoy!

These really have been the easiest project I have done in a while! They took like no time at all and make such an impact on the room!

I also love how they added another print or pattern to the room, adding multiple patterns to a room creates visual interest and adds personality. For sure try it out!

{Various patterns present in my living room.}

Thank you Mandy for letting me swap with you today girl! I had such a blast posting for you guys and can't wait to get to know you better! If you have any questions about anything or just for fun please let me know I am more than happy to help! Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again! Love, love.

Isn't she fun? Hop on over to Meet Virginia & check it out. You'll be so glad you did!
Thanks again Morgan!


Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for swapping girl! And am sure this won't be the last!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

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