Friday, August 12, 2011

Pinterest & Deliciousiousness

I'm sure most of you in blogland already know of & are using Pinterest.   If you are not - please go!

 Pinterest is kind of like a virtual cork-board. You can find things you've discovered around town & snap a picture of it on your cell phone, or something great you've found online to make, purchase or inspire you, and "pin" it to one of your self-named virtual boards. Then your friends get to see those boards (or not) and can draw inspiration from your fun finds too (if you want to share). It's a bad addiction for me - but I really love going and pinning things and seeing what my friends have pinned as well.  If you need an invitation, let me's so much fun.

Pinterest has given me so many great ideas: recipes, sewing, arts and crafts, fun items to DIY & purchase. I have tried a few delicious recipes that I probably never would have even thought of - had I not posted pictures of them.

Here's what we made tonight!

 Dark Chocolate  & Peanut Butter "Reese's" Cupcakes
Like this post from Sweet Pea's Kitchen.

Then, I hid a "Reese's miniature" inside for some extra fun!
I found that idea here from 52cupcakes.
I learned how to insert items into the center of cupcakes here.

So much fun! Try it. You'll like it! 

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