Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Where a kid can be a kid....

I've been home for almost 5 days now - on a much needed break from school. The house is finally clean - the laundry room which has been about half-way painted with 3 different shades of the wrong color - is finally painted. Now the cabinets need to be painted b/c they suddenly look a bit shabby next to the freshly painted walls. I've decluttered a bit (there's stilla  LONG way to go) baby steps!  It felt so good to donate about 3 trash bags full of items that we weren't using though!

I took a few pictures of my kiddo's rooms - parts I like about them - to be able to show them someday when they are grown. When I was young, I had a magical room. My (uber-artistic) mom painted a sky scape in my bedroom. My walls and ceiling were adorned with beautiful clouds and a huge pegasus that my dad won me at a local fair was flying in the corner (suspended by clear fishing line).  My bedspread was sky blue with rainbow ruffles for trim, and my window had a similar curtain. I loved spending time there. I only wish I had pictures of it, because as it's described, I know it sounds corny - but I promise, it was nothing short of a wonderland. So many great memories were made there. Hopefully, my kids will have the same memories about the rooms they are growing up in and hopefully these pictures will be able to help job their minds. (They are not the best quality - but they will do).

A happy retreat.  
 Homemade by Nana -  quilt - for wall-hanging, bedskirt and dust ruffle.
 Butterfly lamp and homemade art. Rocking horse heirloom. 
 Batik painting by Auntie Claire.
 Butterfly lamp - handmade by me.
 Simple art by me. 
 Another picture of my Nana's beautiful hand-quilted masterpiece. 
Owl lamp from Target & more made by Nana goodness.
 Cutie patootie hooties. "O" is for Owl antique book page from Aunt Sarah. 
Now onto room two...
Room to grow. 
 Learn for a while.....under the shade of your palm tree. 
 Favorite little friend..dressed and ready to go.
 Art by me....to match the bedding.
More simple art by me.
 Bins for storage and a hungry lion for laundry.
 A place to play, and a place to work.
Our favorite place to read as a family. ;)

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