Friday, July 31, 2009

Unplugged Play

Today we spent the entire morning attempting unplugged (or semi-unplugged) play.

I've really been struggling with giving Jonas my undivided attention. At home it seems like there is always something to get done (laundry, sweeping, mopping, fun craft stuff, etc...) I feel like I've been pretty distracted. I try to carve out a lot of quality time for Jonas, but to be honest, he has SO much more energy than I do, and he wants me to be his personal playmate 24/7. Sometimes I need to take a break. Today however, I attempted to have an entire unplugged, active play morning with him. We read several books, Did some morning preschool aerobics to a fun kids cd, played soccer in the hallway into a laundry basket goal, swept together, played in our mini-sandbox, and swam in a pool from Papa Mark.

When the afternoon gets here, I may be too tired to get up and go....but we'll see. We had such a great time, and I really just love my little guy. I'm so glad he loves spending time with me. I just wish I had all the energy I needed to keep up.
(For those of you wondering what he's playing in...I attempted to make homemade "Moon Sand". Real Moon Sand is incredible stuff. It's moldable, soft, doesn't stick too much to clothing. It's not gritty, and doesn't get in hair, etc... It's also VERY expensive. I found a recipe to make something similar with corn starch & play sand. It's actually nothing like the real thing, but it is soft & not we like it! ;) It also washes off REALLY easily. Let me know if you want the recipe & I can dig it up for you.

What does everyone else do for "unplugged play"? What's a typical day consist of? Do your kiddos play on their own, or do they want you to play with them?

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Lorie said...

Great pictures! I try to schedule our together play time so that it because routine for them and for me.

I also have them 'play' with me by helping me with chores. Picking up and folding laundry are easy. They can even sweep (I have a second broom) And when I am cleaning, I give them spray bottles with water and vineagr and they can clean too!

When we are playing we do all sorts of stuff. The normal stuff.