Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer Reading List - 2 yrs

This is the beginning of our summer reading list. I had started a post about this before, but now I can't seem to track it down...so...here goes. ;)

Title, Author, get it again?

Stone Soup, Heather Forest, Yes!
Better for slightly older audience, sharing theme, stone soup recipe in back of book. Same book I enjoyed as a child - still good!

Next Stop!, Sarah Ellis, ?
Easy reader, good for toddler, graphics slightly confusing, look for the mouse.

Bark George, Jules Feiffer, Yes!
Cute story, good for toddlers, cute graphics.

Hunter & Stripe and the Soccer Showdown, Laura Malone Elliot, ?
Probably not. Too much text for a toddler. Theme about competition - among friends, and keeping a friendship despite being on a losing team. Only read again if situation warrants. Older child may enjoy more.

Count!, Denise Fleming, Yes
Good for basic counting skills. Toddler friendly - colorful, fun graphics, uncomplicated.

I Know a Rhino, ..........., Yes
Cute story about a child's imagination, and some stuffed animal friends w/ good graphics, and cute rhymes.

Don't Worry Bear, .........., Yes
Story about a bear who befriends a caterpillar - and waits for the butterfly. ;)

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?, Jane Yolen, YES!
Great for toddlers and older audiences. This series is wonderful. Full of humor & great lessons on manners. Definitely will get again.

How Do Dinosarus Get Well Soon? + audio cd, Jane Yolen, YES!
Again, great for toddlers and older children. Humor and great graphics about visiting the doctor, and recovering from being sick.

Arthur Writes a Story + audio cd, Marc Brown, Yes (older)
This would definitely have been better for a slightly older audience, but I think the story was interesting. About a child's active imagination! ;) We'll get it again when he's a little older. The audio cd is great too, because it signals children when to turn the page, but we aren't quite there yet.

Preschool Aerobic Fun (Audio CD), Georgiana Stewart, Yes
Fun active songs for young kids. Plenty of marching and moving. I wouldn't have purchased it, but it was great to borrow!

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Katrina Jones said...

Thank you for the add! =) Wow look how big your little guy is! And where in the world did he get that crazy red hair? From your blog you seem like such an awesome mom! Jonas is one lucky little guy!