Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More for the room - Pottery Barn Kids Brooke bedding

I love love love Pottery Barn Kids "Brooke" bedding. I think it's what I want to use in our little girl's room. The only thing holding me back is price. Just not sure whether it's worth it or not, even though it's got so many components that I love: owls, trees, birdies, bright colors & fun fabric, along with plenty of blue & green to compliment the room's paint.

My main hesitation stems from the fact that I already purchased some bedding at a "Just Between Friend's" consignment sale last month. I found a skirt, bumper & fitted sheet for about $45, and it was shabby chic & hand sewn. I loved it at the sale, and thought it would be a great buy, but now that it's home, I think it might be more floral than I want for every day. It's really cute, but may be a little too froufy for me. I know all of those of you who know me, know I occasionally enjoy a frou frou thing or two, but for the most part, I'd describe my tastes as comfortable & easy to live in. I tend to gravitate toward comfort in all things - decor, clothing, shoes....;)

Anyway, I'll post pictures of the Pottery Barn Kids "Brooke" bedding below & I'll include some pictures of the bedding I already picked up later for some of your opinions!

I also thought it might be fun to get some of my creative friends to sew a square each for a quilt that I could compile for our little one. It would be a sweet keepsake, if I could somehow keep it flowing. I really think that would be fun.

Here is the "Brooke" set. Do you see why I love it? (Sorry the image is so blurry - Blogger was giving me some major trouble this evening. After about 45 min. of messing with it....I gave up. ;)

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Ale said...

Its too late to comment for you, since its 2013 now, but for someone else reading I would say that you should just keep the existing bedding and splurge on a twin set. I say this because babyhood and cribs dont really last long. I myself only used a sheet and breathable bumper, for safety's sake. I would say spending so much on baby room bedding is a waste, since most things but the sheets dont get used as much. Maybe buy the bedding you want now, including accessories, before PBK discontinues it? You can use the accessories now and save the actual bedding for a two years IMHO.